Terms and Conditions at Serene Vista Spa bed and Breakfast

We look forward to welcoming you. When you make your booking you are entering into an agreement with Serene Vista Spa bed and Breakfast. Please read our terms and conditions of booking and House Rules below.

Arrival and Departure

Check in is available from 4.00pm to 10.00pm (16:00 to 22:00) on the day of arrival. Check-in times outside of those specified should be confirmed with us prior to arrival.

We ask that you please vacate your room by 11am on the morning of departure.

Note: Washing food items in bathroom sinks, as well as, lighting candles or any other open flames in any part of the property are strictly prohibited. Smoking or vaping in any part of the house is strictly prohibited. Please do not flush anything other than human waste and bathroom toilet paper provided down commode: this prohibition includes hair, facial tissues, paper towels, “flushable wipes. or any type of object.” There is no running permitted inside the B&B especially on stairs. No children under the age of 18 can be left unattended by an adult at any time. No frail or infirm elderly by a can be left unattended by a caretaker at any time. Under no circumstances will the management be responsible for the care or actions of children under 18 years of age or frail or infirm elderly guests.

Special Offers: All Seasonal Deals, Celebration Packages, Package Deals and Special Occasion Discounts (Offers) are for double occupancy and limited by: dates the Special is offered, room availability, spa availability and are booked on a first come first served bases. Booking dates outside the Offer’s specified dates or re-booking an Offer outside of Offer’s dates is prohibited. All services that are part of any Offer must be used between the times of Check In and Check Out. Management is not responsible for providing services after check out. No other discount is available for these Offers and no offer can be combined with any other special, offer or gift card. All Special Offers are subject to the Cancelation Policy below.

Birthday or Anniversary Celebration discount eligibility is for the month of the occasion only and is not transferable to additional parties or rooms. These Offers are limited by room/spa availability as states above. Occasion date is based on date entered when making a previous reservation. No other discount is available for these occasions. This offer is for double occupancy and cannot be combined with any other special or gift card.

A $100/hr fee for not vacating room by check out time (after a ½ hour grace period) may be assessed at checkout and charged to credit card.

Gift cards are not transferable beyond name(s) on card and are valid for 14 months after purchase date.


Please note the cancellation policy before committing to a reservation.

In order for us to confirm a reservation, we will ask for credit/debit card details to secure your booking. Credit Card will be charged at time of arrival, or at time booking is cancelled in part or whole within the arrival date’s cancelation period (see below) or if guest is a No-show on arrival date, or if balance is not paid in full upon departure.

Credit Cards will be charged at time of bookings in the cases of holiday weekends, special offerings, special events or extended stays of more than 3 days or when booking more than 1 room, (see below). Under these conditions we reserve the right to take a deposit payment equivalent to 50% of the booking total. (see below for details)

Upon arrival all adult guests will be asked to show valid government ID, such as drivers license or passport. Third Party Guests are people not booked in the B&B but invited by you. Any B&B Guest who invites Third Party Guests to the property must notify management in advance in writing. Third Party Guests who use the guest room’s facilities may be charged a fee. Guests who wish to bring their own food and/or invite Third Party Guests to eat said food can only do so with written permission from the management and done in areas pre-assigned by management.

Cancellation by the Guest

We are a small business, so cancellations can have a big impact on us, especially if we have turned away potential guests in favor of someone who has already booked and who then cancels. We do, however, appreciate that unforeseen circumstances can intervene, and we try to be as sympathetic and helpful as possible in such cases. All cancelation requests must be made in writing, a cancelation notice will be sent there after. In any and all circumstances, the management can rebook the room and retain the fee for a reservation you have canceled.

In the event of any cancellation, or part cancellation within 7 days of the scheduled date of arrival, a cancellation charge of up to 50% of the total booking price, plus a booking cancellation fee of $25 may be levied.

Canceling a reservation within the 7 days of arrival when using a Gift Card will enforce a forfeit of gift cards value. No other charge is assessed. Gift cards are not transferable.

If Guest cancels booking within 48 hours of the scheduled date of arrival or failure to arrive by any or all of your guests, on the agreed date of arrival, for whatever reason including illness, weather and acts of god, a charge equivalent to the total booking price that includes any supplement services selected by you, plus a booking cancellation fee of $25, will be levied.

There is no refund for early departures.

In the case of Spa services or meals that are pre booked, any cancellation, or part cancellation must be made before 48 hrs before arrival and in writing. Any cancellation within 48 hrs may be charged in full.

Re-Booking: When changing a booking date within Cancelation Periods of 7 day, a re-booking fee equal to 50% of the cancelation fee will be applied upon re-booking.When changing a booking date within Cancelation Periods of 48 hrs, a re-booking fee equal to 100% of the cancelation fee will be applied upon re-booking. Re-booked reservations in these circumstances must be equal to the price of original booking.

When booking Special Events, Special Offers or Extended Stays of more than 4 days, Holiday Weekends or when booking more than 1 room, then Different Cancelation Terms are enforce for bookings of this nature. Under these circumstances guests have a 3-day grace period after making the booking to cancel without charge, before any charge is made. After this grace period a nonrefundable charge of 50% will be Charged to the Credit Card on the 4th day. The additional nonrefundable balance will be charged in full on arrival or is guest are a No-show. Peak Times, or Special Events, Special Offers or Extended Stays of more than 4 days or when booking more than 1 room cannot be re-booked.

We take all Bookings in good faith, as we are unable to judge reasons for change, cancellation or non-arrival, guests are reminded that no exceptions to the above conditions will be made and that any booking made with us for either accommodation or goods, services, meals or drinks that are pre booked (verbal or written) forms a legally binding contract. For this reason we advise that you take out a suitable insurance product to cover against unexpected costs such as cancellation fees. In addition, we may take legal action, through the Courts, to recover any outstanding debts.

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Cancellation by Us

Should it become necessary for us to cancel a booking we will contact you immediately. Any payments made will be refunded in full. If it is necessary to cancel your reservation, we will be held harmless if done at least 30 days in advanced of arrival. Should you wish to, we will attempt to book you into another local bed and breakfast of the same or lower standard in a similar standard of room(s). Should the cancelation by us be within 30 days of arrival then and if this said establishment is more expensive than your reservation here, we will pay the difference for the first night of your stay. Our liability will not extend beyond these conditions.

Car Parking

A car park is available for guests’ use at the side of the property. Cars parked here are at owners risk. There is no parking on grass please.

Change of Room

If a booking for a specific room and the room reserved is rendered unusable via circumstances beyond our control, we reserve the right to transfer the booking to an alternative room if available. If upon arrival guest do not like their room and want to change, this may be done solely at at management’s discretion and room availability.

Damage and Breakages or Additional Cleaning Charges.

Please take care of our home and treat it as if it was yours. You are responsible and liable for any breakages or damages to the accommodation or its contents that are caused you or anyone in your party, including Third Party Guests. “Trashing” or otherwise making a server mess (including odors from smoking in rooms and flushing anything other than the toilet paper provided down the commode) that requires either Additional Cleaning or Repairs from Damage or Breakage is warranted at the sole discretion of the management. Please report any damage, breakage or water leakage as soon as they occur especially if you accidentally spill something – it’s much easier to clean or fix if we know what it is and act quickly. We do not normally charge for breakages, but we reserve the right to charge for repair or making good if the damage is significant. Additional Cleaning rates start at $250 plus charges equivalent to room rate if room must be taken offline and can’t be rented due to breakage or damage. Repair fees for Breakage or Damage are equivalent to replacement/repaired costs plus service fees for management and delivery charges plus charges equivalent to room rate if room must be taken offline and can’t be rented. These will be additional charges after checkout. If for any reason the credit card on file cannot be charged and legal action is necessary, B&B Guest will be responsible for all legal fees.


Some of the data gathered during the course of a booking may be held on computer. We would like to hold this data after your visit to be able to inform you of future offers. If you would prefer us not to hold this information please let us know.

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Evening Meal Reservations

Evening Meals can be available by request. Please telephone or email in advance to book an evening meal and notify us of any special dietary requirements. All meals are prepared to order and therefore we require a minimum of 48 hours notice to book.  Without pre-ordering we will unfortunately not be able to provide a meal on the day of arrival. Management is not responsible for any food aversions or allergies that are not specified at time of booking.


You have access to the building and your room 24 hours a day throughout your stay using a set of keys given to you when you register on arrival. You have full responsibility of these keys for the duration of your stay. Lost keys will be charged at $25.00 per set.


We do not accept any liability for any damage, loss or injury to any member of your party or any vehicles or possessions, unless proven to be caused by a negligent act by ourselves or our employees whilst acting in the course of their employment.

Lost Property

We are happy to return items that have been left following departure. However, we are not responsible for left items that go missing. If you call for us to retrieve and mail an item that was left here will be a minimum charge of $25.00 for packaging and handling plus postage. This will be an additional charge.

Missing Items

We reserve the right to charge for missing items.


Payment is due on the morning of departure and we accept the following credit and debit cards; Debit Mastercard, Delta, Electron, JCB, Maestro, Mastercard, PIN Train, UK Maestro and Visa, as well as personal and business cheques and cash.


Pets are not permitted in the house or on the adjoining land.

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We reserve the right to change our prices at any time. This does not affect bookings already made.


Smoking is NOT permitted within any part of the property or surrounding areas. Please note that offending guests may be asked to leave immediately and may be liable for professional cleaning of any rooms and any outstanding balance of nights booked but not taken through early departure.

Termination Policy

We reserve the right, at its discretion, to terminate, without notice, an individuals stay where deemed necessary through unacceptable behaviour, any breaking of the Terms and Conditions or House Rules or as a result of actions which are likely to endanger or offend others (Please note that non compliance of our non smoking policy may constitute termination). In such circumstances any outstanding account must be settled, no refunds will be made.

Taxes and Fees

When using the online booking system, the system calculates tax and fees for the room price only and includes a one time $25 cleaning fee. There is no tax on spa services. When booking over the phone any applicable taxes and fees will be listed in your confirmation email.

Wi-Fi Access

By using our Wi-Fi Service you automatically agree to the terms and conditions of use below (the “Terms”).  If you do not agree to all of the Terms, please do not use the Service.

Internet Services

Tranquillity Cottage (“we” / “our” / “us”) provides you with access to the internet in most parts of the building. By accessing the service using either medium you are agreeing to obey the terms and conditions listed below (the “Terms”). If you do not agree to the terms, please do not access the service.

Fair Use

We would like to ensure that all of our guests have an enjoyable internet experience whilst staying with us. We have therefore implemented a ‘fair use’ policy to ensure that we can continue to provide a fast and reliable service.

We may monitor the performance of our network and the use of it by our guests. If we notice that a guest is using it in excess of what is expected from reasonable normal use and where such excessive use is affecting other guests, particularly during busy times, we may restrict usage. If you do not use file sharing software or download large files from the internet then you should not be affected by our fair use policy. However, if it becomes clear that heavy downloading, peer-to-peer networking, or excessive streaming is taking place then we may contact you to ask you to reduce your use to allow our other customers to share the system fairly. If you continue to do so, or if you persistently exceed normal use to the extent that it affects our network and other user’s enjoyment of the service, then we reserve the right to restrict or deny you access to the network.

Our Obligations to You

We will use our reasonable endeavours to ensure that you are provided with, uninterrupted service 24 hours a day. We will not be liable however, for any reason if the service is not available at any time for any period, nor for any loss of data or damage to the equipment you suffer as a result of using our service. We may suspend access at any time and for any reason, including routine or emergency maintenance of the servers. For this reason we strongly recommend that you regularly save any work you are doing whilst using the service.

Your Obligation to Us

The service we provide is intended to be used for general purposes, including accessing the World Wide Web, email, messaging services and chat rooms. You undertake to us that you will use the services responsibly and that you will behave in a lawful, honest and proper manner when accessing the services. Without prejudice to any other provision of this agreement, we may terminate your use of the service at any time without notice if we become aware of any behaviour that has a negative effect on our equipment or network or the use by other customers of our equipment or network or the internet in general, or which damages, or has the potential to damage, our reputation.

Without prejudice to the generality of the paragraph above, you may not: use the service for any illegal purpose (including but not limited to breaching any intellectual property or computer misuse legislation and downloading or uploading any illegal material); send any unsolicited commercial email (or “spam”) or any activity relating to it; carry out any “hacking” activities such as attempting to access systems without authorization or carry out denial of service attacks.

Data Protection

You may be required to provide us with certain personal information. We will use such personal information in accordance with relevant data protection legislation. You warrant and undertake to us that all of the personal information you provide us with is complete and accurate. We will not disclose any personal information which is provided by you during the provision of such services to you to any third party without your permission, other than

  • To any subcontractors or agents engaged by us to provide any support or administration, facilities management or similar services (subject to the subcontractors and /or agents undertaking to keep such personal information confidential);
  • To any company or organisation to which we transfer our responsibilities to provide these services and products to you; or
  • Where required by law or made in connection with legal or regulatory proceedings.

We may log traffic data to assist us with the implementation of our terms and conditions and our fair use policy, although it is our policy to respect your privacy.

Breach of Agreement

We shall investigate any suspect breach of the agreement by you, and reserve the right to take such action as we, in our sole discretion, deem appropriate, including suspension or withdrawal of the service with immediate effect and without notice to you.


You acknowledge that use of the service is entirely at your own risk.

The service is provided on an “as-available” basis, and to the fullest extent permitted by law we hereby exclude all and any warranties or conditions of any kind, whether express or implied, in respect of the service and the content or data obtained or downloaded from it.

Without prejudice to the foregoing generality we do not warrant that the service will be uninterrupted, timely, and secure of error free at all times or will meet your requirements; and we are not responsible for security, integrity, accuracy, suitability or completeness of any information that you transmit or receive while using the service.

The disclaimer within this paragraph does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.


Nothing in this agreement serves to exclude or limit our liability for death or personal injury cause by our negligence.

Subject to the paragraph above we shall not be liable to you in contract, tort or otherwise arising in connection with this agreement for any economic losses (including, without limitation, loss of revenue, profits, contracts, business or anticipated savings), any loss of goodwill or reputation, any special, indirect or consequential losses or any destruction or loss of data.

If any part of the service is not available to you through no fault on our part or where the failure, suspension or withdrawal of the service is beyond our reasonable control, we shall not be obliged to pay any compensation to you.

You will indemnify us against all and any losses or claims arising from any breach of the agreement by you, and against any claims or legal proceedings arising from your use of the services which are brought or threatened against us by another person.

House Rules:

We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.

You acknowledge and agree that all intellectual property rights (including, but not limited to, copyrights (including rights in software), trademarks, database rights, patents and inventions) in and relating to the service are owned by us and our licensors or contractors. Nothing in this agreement operates to transfer any such intellectual property rights to you.

We reserve the right to assign or sub-contract any of our rights and obligations under this agreement without notice to you.

The Guest who makes a booking may be required upon request to upload there government ID before the booking can be completed and give the name and number of guests that will be staying at the vacation rental. In addition: 1. Guests will not re-let nor sublet the whole or any part of this property nor permit any part of the premises to be used for any other purpose than a Short term (30 night max) Vacation Property without written consent. 2. This Rental Property can be used only as a short term private dwelling for not more than the number of nights specified and agreed to for this booking shown on the Booking system, and that no more than the maximum number of persons 8 people (plus 2 extra at the additional rate specified) for total of 10. All Guests shall not allow the Property to be used for any business, professional or unlawful purposes. House trailers, camping trailers, RVs and recreational vehicles are not permitted on the Property. There shall be no alterations of the Property and no fixtures, appliances or air conditioners/heaters shall be installed without the written consent of the manager. Guests affirm to use all appliances and furniture for their intended uses only. Guests affirms that he/she is over Thirty (30) years of age and minors will not occupy the property unless an adult is present. 3. Guests are solely responsible for placing all trash and recyclables in the exterior bins for pickup at the end of their stay. 4. The Property Manager or Agent may enter into and upon the premises at reasonable hours of the daytime to examine the same or to make such repairs or alterations therein as necessary for the preservation thereof, after notification of this intent to Guests by text. 5. Guests will keep the premises in as good repair as the same are at the beginning of this booking (wear and tear arising from a reasonable use of the same, and damage by the elements occurring without any fault or neglect of the guests excepted) and at the expiration of booking term to yield up the peaceable possession thereof to the Property Manager, or their Agent. The Lessees specifically agree to assume financial responsibility for any damages or loss to the structure and/or furnishings, property amenities, and landscaping, as applicable when caused by Guests negligence. Costs or repair or replacement will be billed to credit card on file. 6. Guests shall not keep or have on the premises anything of a dangerous, flammable, or explosive nature that might unreasonably increase the danger of fire or explosion on the Property, or that might be considered hazardous materials (including propane or toxic materials) by any responsible insurance company. Fireworks of any kind are not permitted on the premises. Firearms and illegal substances are not permitted on the premises. 7. Guests agree that during the stay they will observe and conform to all Town Ordinances and Regulations regarding fire hazards and outdoor fires and specifically that they will not kindle any outdoor camp fires nor permit any outdoor rubbish fires on the premises without written permission by the manager. 8. Unreasonable noise or disturbance by Guests may result in default of rules. 9. Absolutely no Pets shall be permitted on the Property. 10. NO SMOKING: This is a non-smoking rental unit. No smoking is permitted anywhere in the rental property. 11. Breach of the smoking and/or pet policy will result in forfeiture of the entire security deposit. 12. AirBnB guests are responsible for returning kitchen to the condition it was in when guests first arrived. Replacement or repair of household effects and premises that are unusually soiled or damaged at at end of stay will be charged to security deposit. 13.Guests agree that there shall be no food prep or cooking of any kind except in kitchen and by outdoor grill area. Guests agree that there shall be no cleaning of dishes/pots or other food articles in bathrooms or outside and shall only be done in kitchen sink. 14. Guests agree that there shall be no rearranging furniture. 15. Guests agree that there shall be no candles, incense or open flames in house. 16. Guests agree that there shall be no running or children’s wheeled toys in house. 17. Guests agree that there shall be no parking on grass… parking is limited to 4 or 5 cars 18. Guests agree that one adult from each room will provide valid ID (drivers license or Passport) and credit card upon check-in. 19. The garage and its back patio and area immediately surrounding garage is not part of this agreement and is off limits. 20. Guests agree that they have been shown that the bathrooms sinks and toilet work and are free of any clogging of said plumbing. Guests understand that no food or hair, wipes, paper towels or tissues or any objects are not permitted down the drains and only the toilet paper we supply can be used in the toilet. If a clog does occur guests are to notify the manager at first sign of a problem. If Guests are deemed to be the cause of the clog or any plumbing problem and if the problem is server enough to impacts the property, then guests will be charged for a plumber to fix the clog in a timely manor to insure the rentability of the property for next weeks guests.

If any provision of this agreement is found to be unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, the other provisions shall nevertheless remain in full force and effect.